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Used Parts

At Valiant World we have a wide range of used Valiant spares and used parts. 

We stripped more than 23 Valiants and we have all the used parts ready on the shelf.

Come with your samples or send me pictures of the parts you need. 


0722295845 or email

Valiant alternators (Chrysler & Motorola)

8 x Used Valiant carburettors.

(Carter two barrel - Carter one barrel - Holley single barrel carburetors)

Used dash cluster panel 

4 x Used Valiant starters. 

6 x stipped engines, cylinder heads and crankshafts.

4 x Used Valiant engines complete

4 x Used Valiant distributors

Valiant gearboxes - automatic Torqueflite - manual three speed - bell housings - flywheel - clutch pressure plates and linkages

4 x Used Valiant diffs 101.6 & 114.3 pcd

Used Valiant suspension parts - lower control arm - upper control arms - torsion bars, strut rods - spindle stub axles - K-member frames

9 x Used Valiant 14 inch wheel rims in 101.6 & 114.3 pcd

16 x Used Valiant wheel caps

Valiant doors, fenders, bonnet, bootlid, grille, taillights, indicators, door handles and many other body parts and trims.

7 x Valiant manifolds - intake and exhaust available

4 x Valiant steering column for auto and manual

4 x Valiant radiators - early and later model - automatic and manual

5 x Valiant automatic torque convertors - large diameter and smaller diameter

32 x Valiant windscreens for different models

12 x Valiant bumpers for different models

13 x Valiant steering boxes - manual steering and power steering

10 x Valiant front brake discs with hubs, calipers and spindle stub axles

3 x Valiant original chrome mirrors

15 x Valiant brake drums

24 x Valiant silver chrome handles, trims, beadings and badges. 

32 x Valiant windscreens for different models


At Valiant World we have a constant supply of new parts for Valiant from our suppliers in Australia and America.  

No longer do we need to stress about new Valiant parts.  



0722295845 or email
0722295845 or email
0722295845 or email


Valiant Electronic ignition distributor conversion kit  

Valiant Distributor cap  

Valiant Rotor  

Valiant Plug leads original quality  

Valiant Condenser  

Valiant points  

Valiant Distributor dog drive gear

Valiant Chrysler electronic distributor module (1973 upwards)  

Valiant Big ends in std  

Valiant Big ends in 30  

Valiant Big ends in 40  

Valiant Big ends in 60  

Valiant Mains in std  

Valiant Mains in 30  

Valiant Mains in 50  

Valiant Mains in 60  

Valiant Set of pistons and rings STD  

Valiant Set of pistons and rings in 40  

Valiant Set of pistons and rings in 60  

Valiant Rings in std  

Valiant Rings in 20

Valiant Rings in 30  

Valiant Rings in 60

Valiant Local full gasket set  

Valiant Imported gasket set full  

Valiant Gasket from head to manifold  

Valiant Gasket for tappet cover  

Valiant Spark plug tube seals  

Valiant Cam follower set (hydraulic type)  

Valiant Cam bearings set  

Valiant Timing chain set  

Valiant Driver side engine mounting

Valiant Passenger side engine mounting

Valiant Oil pump RHD  

Valiant Oil pump LHD  

Valiant Oil pump repair kit  

Valiant Welch plugs  

Valiant Main fan belt 

Valiant PCV Valve black rubber grommet 

Valiant PCV Valve green connector 

Valiant Spark plugs 

Valiant Fuel filter  

Valiant Oil filter   

Valiant Smaller air filter  

Valiant Larger air filter  

Valiant Water pump  

Valiant Thermostat  

Valiant Thermostat housing  

Valiant Bottom radiator hose pipe  

Valiant Top radiator hose pipe  

Valiant Carburettor kit for single barrel Holley  

Valiant Carburettor kit for single barrel Carter  

Valiant Carburettor kit for double barrel Carter  

Valiant fuel pump for petrol ac pump  

Valiant Lower ball joint LEFT  

Valiant Lower ball joint RIGHT  

Valiant Upper ball joint

Valiant Tie rod ends  

Valiant Pitman arm  

Valiant Strut rod torsion bar bush kit set  

Valiant Idler arm bush 

Valiant Lower control arm bush  

Valiant Upper control arm bush / vee arm bush  

Valiant Rag coupler kit between steering column & box  

Valiant 1973 UPWARDS! Sway bar / stabilizer bar link-end bush kit

Valiant 1973 UPWARDS! Sway bar / stabilizer bar triangular bush set  

Valiant Gearbox oil service kit  

Valiant Gearbox full gasket and seal kit  

Valiant Gearbox bands clutches thick

Valiant Gearbox bands clutches thin  

Valiant Gearbox sump gasket  

Valiant Gearbox filter 

Valiant Gearbox front pump seal  

Valiant Gearbox extension seal  

Valiant Gearbox selector seal  

Valiant Transmission pipe-end fittings  

Valiant Gearbox mounting  

Valiant Power steering federal pump  

Valiant Power steering saginaw pump 

Valiant Power steering main pipe  

Valiant Power steering return pipe  

Valiant Idler arm complete arm  

Valiant Pitman arm for power steering tapered  

Valiant Original Front shocks 

Valiant Original Rear shocks 

Valiant Imported black Front shocks 

Valiant Imported black Rear shocks  

Valiant Refurbished power steering box

Valiant Polyurethane leaf spring flower bush  

Valiant Polyurethane shackle bushes  

Valiant Cable for accelerator  

Valiant Cable for handbrake 1  

Valiant Cable for handbrake 2  

Valiant Cable for handbrake 3  

Valiant Cable for speedo  

Valiant Local front brake pads  

Valiant Genuine front brake pads  

Valiant Master cylinder aluminum replacement unit (1971 downwards)  

Valiant Master cylinder replacement pipe fittings (1971 downwards)  

Valiant Front brake pipes (set of two)  

Valiant Rear brake pipes (one single pipe)  

Valiant Remote brake boosters  

Valiant Wheel cylinder rubber kit  

Valiant Set of refurbished brake shoes  

Valiant Battery to body thick black - cable  

Valiant Battery to starter thick red + cable  

Valiant Body to engine thick black - cable  

Valiant Coil for normal points  

Valiant Replacement H4 headlight unit  

Valiant Ignition replacement switch  

Valiant Ignition replacement switch rubber seal  

Valiant Temperature sender unit  

Valiant Oil pressure sender unit  

Valiant Alternator (modern upgrade alternator)  

Valiant Gearbox three pin switch  

Valiant Start relay  

Valiant Starter motor new  

Valiant Battery tray replacement

Valiant Universal joint for prop shaft  

Valiant Wiper blade  

Valiant Front wheel studs and nut  

Valiant Rear wheel studs and nut  

Valiant Front wheel bearing  

Valiant Large lower ball joint for later models  

Valiant Power steering belt  

Valiant Petrol tank collar seal  

Valiant Silver chrome replacement mirrors (rectangular)  


* All parts and pricing and availibility are subject to E&OE at the time of your enquiry.

* While parts may not be OEM, they are known to be suitable replacement parts for the said vehicles, according to the information made available to us from suppliers. 

Call 072 229 5845 or email


We pay cash on the spot for any Valiant dead or alive.

We buy running Valiants, accident damaged Valiants and rusty Valiants.

I am a serious buyer and I know what I will be willing to spend on your car. 

Contact me with your over-priced scraps as well and I might buy it if we need it. 


Simply send the details of the Valiant via whatsapp to 0722295845 or email


You will have my attention if you can provide pictures of the car, provide the address where it stands, the price of the car and you must be able to describe the condition of the car as well as the condition of the paperwork and licence.

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